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Located at 76 Spanish Street in downtown St. Augustine.

Now you can add

S'mores by the Fire

to any experience at The Odd Macabre

The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery

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Unlock The Mysteries Of The Oldest City

Unlock facts, mysteries, & lots of fascinating history in the Oldest City on this fun scavenger hunt for all ages. HISTORY, GHOSTLY, and HOLIDAY versions available. Solve puzzles, answer riddles, and take part in challenges as you enjoy this self guided adventure through historic St.Augustine at your own pace.


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Come Create With Us!

Looking for some bewitching creative fun? WhichCraft Candlebar is an enchanting place to relax and enjoy some DIY candle making. Our parlor is the perfect backdrop to get the crafty vibes flowing. All projects include all materials needed and the space to create your magical candle projects.


All experiences follow Covid-19 guidelines

A Night Among Ghosts

A Night Among Ghosts
The Real Ghost Hunting Investigation Experience

The Real Ghost Hunting Experience explores some of St.Augustine's most haunted areas. Eye opening evidence with fascinating factual histories and true stories.  Investigations where you learn self intuitiveness, communication techniques, and paranormal equipment.  Go beyond the ghost tour...


All experiences follow Covid-19 guidelines

Claude AND Bernadette

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The Claude and Bernadette Story

First there was Claude, he came to reside with us back in 2016, when the Haunted Travelers Co. first began working on our parlor. He being a local St. Augustinian, had worked as a foreman on several large projects in his time including the Ponce de Leon, Alcazar, & Casa Monica Hotels and was very eager to help us get the parlor fashioned in true Victorian style.  We soon encountered Bernadette, a vivacious friendly spirit who in life was a bit above Claude's station,  she always had an eye for the handsome man she saw often on her strolls up and down King Street. Thankfully those antiquated rules have been left in the past and she soon joined Claude for the ride of, after.

Now you can take them with you

Our mascots Claude and Bernadette are a pair known for having a great ghostly time. Now you can follow their adventures and even take them home with you on  our Claude and Bernadette merchandise.

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Ghost Life Paranormal

GLP gear is here!

Authentic Ghost Life Paranormal  wearables and gear for everyone from the investigator to the  ghostly enthusiast alike.

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Located: 76 Spanish St. | St. Augustine, FL 32084