Exciting Things are Manifesting...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

New Experiences, Websites and Product Lines.

www.anightamongghosts.com The Real Ghost Hunting Experience explores some of St.Augustine's most haunted areas. Eye opening evidence with fascinating factual histories and true stories. Investigations where you learn self intuitiveness, communication techniques, and paranormal equipment. Go beyond the ghost tour...

www.the13keys.com Unlock facts, mysteries, & lots of fascinating history in the Oldest City on this fun scavenger hunt for all ages. Solve puzzles, answer riddles, and take part in challenges as you enjoy this self guided adventure through historic St.Augustine at your own pace.

www.claudeandbernadette.com Our mascots Claude and Bernadette are a pair known for having a great ghostly time. Now you can follow their adventures and even take them home with you on our Claude and Bernadette merchandise.

www.ghostlifeparanormal.com Authentic Ghost Life Paranormal wearables and gear for everyone from the investigator to the ghostly enthusiast alike.

Heather and Steve - Owners

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