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Florida is i re-opening, days ago we returned to the parlor, to tidy up and wipe away the cobwebs and dust after being shuttered for the last six weeks. We have decided to redesign the parlor to welcome the success of The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunts.

The parlor has seemed lonely, waiting for visitors to grace the door again, the sight of scavenger hunters departing and returning triumphantly from their adventure. The Investigators protected within her sheltering embrace, just before they venture out into the shadow of night to communicate with those from the past, timid and anxious many times in the beginning, returning enlightened, excited, and if we are being honest a bit tired.

We, the sentimental fools that we are, have returned to our parlor a time or two to bring home some items that made our surroundings feel a bit more reminiscent of work. Bernadette made herself at home on the bench by the fireplace, the candelabra that typically sits upon the parlor ouija table, now atop Gertrude (our pre-civil war behemoth of a piano) in the living room, a ghostly knick knack here or there scattered about.

Thankfully we are now returning all the contents to their rightful places in the parlor. May 8th was opening day for us, and we were fortunate to welcome back a handful of smiling faces ready for a reprieve from sheltering in place.

Currently, we have two great experiences available. The 13 Keys Scavenger History Hunt and the brand new Ghostorian's Grimoire Haunted Scavenger. These experiences are self-guided, private, and completely outdoors. perfect for those who want to get out and have fun while still being able to social distance! We were already sanitizing our scavenger equipment in between usage prior to Covid-19, but now even more so, each kit is clean and ready for your group to safely utilize!

It will be a little while longer before we can safely return our A Night Among Ghosts The Real Ghost Hunting Experience, but we hope you will join us soon for some history or haunted fun on one of our scavenger hunts!

Stay safe and well, Heather and Steve

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